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Come experience Forrest Yoga's renowned core strengthening postures and sequences.
We'll Explore the core in standing poses, hip openers and find a deeper understanding of the core through the use of the wall. Join us and learn how to activate different areas of the core, Feel freedom in the spine and use your breath to guide your movement and tune into your body.
This Module is a part of a 95 Hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training. You can take a few of the modules or complete all 6 modules to become a yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga Teacher.

In the Yoga for Learning module, you will learn how to introduce yoga to children in a fun and engaging way to assist them with their everyday needs in school and at home. You will learn children’s yoga practices such as asanas, asana-based movement, breathing techniques, visualization and yoga-inspired games, metaphors, art and chanting to help with focus, concentration and learning. You will develop the skill to shift one’s attention and sustain it by using yoga practices, which is necessary for learning and retaining information.
Back by popular demand, we'll be bringing Queenie and Jonathan in for a beginner arm balances workshop!
This workshop will focus on building a sturdy foundation for your arm balancing practice. We will break down the anatomy and mechanics of the most fundamental arm balance: bakasana (crow pose). Learn drills and exercises that will strengthen your wrists, shoulders, and core; all integral to the support of a strong and stable arm balance. Discover how to recruit the strength (your bandhas) to assist you in holding your crow for longer periods of time with less strain on your shoulders and wrists. Most importantly, learn to get over your fear of balancing on your hands!
Join us as we unpack the magic of the Yin Practice. We'll explore energy lines, called meridians, and how that contributes to organ health. We'll a deeper dive into a yin practice and learn how this practice is way more than just stretching.
This 15 Hour series explores yoga and applied anatomy as it relates to the spine. Students will learn how properly applied yoga can help the spine, theory and practice, as well as they’ll receive a postural analysis for each student. From this foundation, students will move into experiencing elongation, learn how to create length in the spine, and protect the vertebral column and organs. Students will find a new sense of space, alignment, and length in their spine and pelvis.
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Our creative & inspiring Yoga & Pilates classes and private sessions can be enjoyed in two locations: Downtown Brampton and Georgetown (Glen Williams). Please note Brampton classes do NOT require online "sign in" from the schedule but the Georgetown studio does. Thank you...we look forward to seeing you in class!
Spinal Immersion with Andrea Peloso! Early Bird Pricing ends Nov. 14
Luminous Core: Forrest Yoga Workshop with Nathalie LeFave and Peter Schultz
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