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I learned from my yoga classes two things: that everything in life is a journey and that we must nurture our higher self, quiet our mind and strengthen our physical body to sail thru that journey. We must also be grateful that we are surrounded at all times with an abundance of love, health and breath.
Thank you Michelle the yoga you teach in such a beautiful environment gave me the opportunity to set my intentions on that positive path. Being an architect by profession I can truly say that the studio has a vibrating soul that can affect mind, body and soul, or as you say it yokes them into one positive, energized and harmonized path.
With my deepest respect for you and all the teachers,
Jilan Balbaa

Late in December of 2008, I was going through a period of great personal change and was looking for something to do that would help me get in shape but also allow me to relieve tension and calm my mind.  I was debating several options including yoga.  I did some research online and discovered "5 Elements". Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would change my entire outlook on life.  I clearly remember driving to 5 Elements on a cold Friday afternoon and sitting in my car in the parking lot debating on whether or not I should go in.  I did not know what to expect and being a male going into a yoga studio by myself felt very awkward.  I hesitated, grabbed a pamphlet at the door and went home.  I went back to the 5 Elements website to do some more research on the classes available, the instructors and the schedule.  Everything looked perfect and the studio looked beautiful, filled with light and a warm ambiance.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to check out a class so I emailed the studio.  To my surprise, I received an answer promptly from Michelle Cormack.  She was very professional and courteous in answering my questions and even offered to come to the studio that evening to meet me despite it being off-hours and Christmas around the corner when everyone is busy!  I came to the studio and met Michelle, and right away there was something about her that made you feel welcome and at home.  She explained the options available to me and I signed up to start in January!  It is now mid-July and I have been at 5 Elements for almost 8 months.  I have met the most incredible, friendly, fun-loving people.  Coming to yoga is like going to a sanctuary where no matter what is happening outside in the world, you can find refuge and comfort in familiar faces and surroundings.  Ask anyone there and they will tell you the same thing.  5 Elements has become a 2nd home for me and the people there have become a part of my extended family.  There are a variety of classes for all people at all levels but most importantly, I don't think you will find a studio with better instructors anywhere!  Since joining 5 Elements, I have grown spiritually, mentally and have become a lot healthier and stronger.  I have a more positive outlook on life and am more thankful for everything and everyone.
Albert Schweitzer, the philosopher and physician, once said, "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
With all of my heart, I want to thank everyone at 5 Elements, especially Michelle and Sandra.
Nghi La

"5 Elements is an inspirational studio to explore your yoga practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your yoga journey, 5 Elements offers a safe environment to exercise mind, body, and spirit. The teachers are always willing to modify or challenge your practice. Through committing to come to class twice a week, I have now been able to add in a dedicated yoga practice at home. Over the past year, my love of yoga and my heart have grown by the people (both students & teachers) that I have been fortunate to meet at 5 Elements."
Diane Young

Dear Michelle,
I wanted to write you and thank you for the excellent treatment that you gave me last Wednesday. The massage work that you do is very complementary to my training and improved flexibility. I also wish to express my appreciation for your feedback on the condition of my soft tissues and changes you have noted between treatments. Your kindness and patience in answering all my questions regarding the human body is also very much appreciated. Thank you for all your help!
I look forward to my next treatment.
Yours Truly,
Gerry Capling

"I am a great supporter of Michelle Cormack and her Personal Training program. Before I started Personal Training with Michelle, I had an expensive membership in a fitness club, but between work and family responsibilities, I could rarely get there and I estimated that each of my 10 workouts per year cost me about $150/each! And of course, with only 10 workouts a year, I wasn't losing the pounds and inches I put on with 3 pregnancies. All that changed when I started doing Personal Training with Michelle, now I only pay for the service that I use. Due to her knowledge and experience with fitness and strength training, but additionally yoga, Pilates, stability balls & more, combined with the motivation and personalized attention I receive, I have now formed the habit of working out consistently and I am thinner and lighter for it…but most of all, healthier!"
Lynne Golding (Clement)

" I have tried many kinds of exercise and clubs over the years. None have the aesthetic beauty of 5 Elements Studio. No instructor has taken the interest in my fitness/wellness journey that Michelle Cormack has. She and her instructors are deeply committed to helping you reach your own personal fitness goals. Yoga and Pilates has transformed my view of exercise and has helped me manage balance in my life. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."
Lisa Fowler

"The 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates Studio has such a better atmosphere than my old gym. The instructors are always friendly, caring and eager to help perfect everyone's postures. Each class caters to all levels of fitness and anyone can do it. The classes are always different and there is always a variety of postures, so it is never boring. Serious fun!"
Caylee Pynn - student, age 18

"The yoga teacher training at 5 Elements was one of the best experiences of my life. Michelle’s studio came to feel like my second home. Not only do I feel prepared to teach yoga, I feel more prepared to journey through the rest of my life. The course gave a great foundation of knowledge and experience, but the best thing was that it gave me the tools to discover my own unique path and approach to yoga. It encouraged each of us to put heart and creativity into our practice and into our lives. Michelle has all the humility and genuine caring of a truly great spiritual teacher, and I’m honored to have been a part of her class." Sasha Vivelo, RYT (Waterloo, ON)

"When you study under Michelle, you leave the studio inspired. You have the feeling like you have just sat at the feet of someone truly amazing, but you never once feel intimidated or lesser than. If anything, you suddenly feel like you're pretty amazing too.
Michelle has a way of conveying her passions to you in this wonderful maternal way . . . and as the training progresses you realize more and more how she is a mother to you. Knowing that I had six hours of driving each trip and a long list of future hotel bills, Michelle went out of her way to help me out. She even let me sleep in the studio! It was around this time that it became clear to me that Michelle's motive in teaching yoga is pure. She really cares about helping people and she is passionate about the true goal of yoga. She wants you to come to a place where you know who you really are.
She made me feel at home, but like any good mother she pushed me. She made me find my edge physically and then helped me understand what it was that I was feeling. In short, she helped me "get it". Studying under her was truly a life changing experience. Anyone could have taught me how to do yoga . . . but Michelle taught me how to be yoga."Stefani Hoyt M.S., RYT (Sarnia, ON)

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